The Vow

Hello strangers!

I'm writing this from Derbyshire, as the roads are too bad for me to drive home after a weekend of pretty bad snow. Came up to visit Adam in his digs, but let's just say it wasn't the weekend I was anticipating, and a lot of sorting out has to happen in the near future.
My horoscope said it wasn't going to be a good one, should have listened!

Anyway, who is going to watch The Vow when it is released on Feb 10 in the UK? I literally cannot imagine how bad this could be in real life, but love is the strongest emotion so I hope this film has the ending I want it to have.

An overdue update on my ankle: I sprained it pretty badly and it still hurts like anything. Bad injuries on good nights out.


Surfer girl

Perfect perfect PERFECT outfit. Pretty much what I have been wearing to work for the past few months, with shoes of course.

Off to Accident and Emergency tonight after falling over Saturday and doing some damage.
Verdict to come!


Bad Mood Sundays

Today has just been one of those days. I woke up at a reasonable time, and started to brighten up with the sun. Then, my brother walks in talking and turns the overhead light on. I was not happy. Events like this blacken my mood for the rest of the day generally which, of course, is what happened today. 

After the rude second awakening, we were supposed to leave by 11.15am. I hate being late anywhere, and strive to meet self made deadlines. Alas, my companion wasn't ready until 12.15pm. Cue moodiness in the car because of leaving late. Cue more moodiness because of annoying texts from Adam. Cue pure red-in-the-head anger when I call him and he says 'stupid' things. Today wasn't working out right.

IKEA (our destination) was too crowded for my liking, people and buggies e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e! Not cool. Find what we wanted and leave the store. I can't steer those damned trolley things anywhere, so I get in people's way and annoy myself even more. We get to the car and companion hasn't emptied the boot. Why wouldn't you empty the boot? Gahh!

Load the car, want coffee.

Head off searching for coffee. Find coffee. Can't find parking space. Park car in what we thought was an a-okay space. Get coffee. Mooch round Boots. Go back to car. PARKING WARDEN! Run to car. Apologise profusely. Drive away like a scolded dog. Moan about burning tongue on coffee. Bad bad day.

Get home. Get annoyed with brother. Watch Sherlock and get interrupted by steam ironing. Cry a little inside :(

So, after all of this, I go for a nice hot bath with my Kindle and a cold glass of Chardonnay. To top all things off, my kindle is dead and there is no hot water.

Can I cry yet?

p.s. i feel like the tree


January 3

Right now, the wind is howling outside and the rain is lashing down on my window. It's kind of blissful, because its almost like the world is cleansing itself for the new year. I'm watching the Audrinathon on MTV as we speak instead of being at work (boo Crohns!) and I thought this would be the best time to write.

My New Year's resolutions are;
  1. Try not to get annoyed so easily and quickly
  2. Complete my NVQ in Business Administration
  3. Save money for important things
I think these definitely aren't unrealistic, and if I can stick to these all year (especially the first one) I will have accomplished something important to me. What are your resolutions this year?

The picture above is of the certificate my team received at work for the Christmas tree we decorated! We were so stoked to win!


lucy chadwick

i am so obsessed with this video. i have watched it enough times to quote.
please give me the red jumper.

lucy chadwick for zara




my bed got some christmas spirit too.
i now sleep with christmas lights.
i might make it a year round fixture...
in fact, i will definitely make them a year round feature.