The Vow

Hello strangers!

I'm writing this from Derbyshire, as the roads are too bad for me to drive home after a weekend of pretty bad snow. Came up to visit Adam in his digs, but let's just say it wasn't the weekend I was anticipating, and a lot of sorting out has to happen in the near future.
My horoscope said it wasn't going to be a good one, should have listened!

Anyway, who is going to watch The Vow when it is released on Feb 10 in the UK? I literally cannot imagine how bad this could be in real life, but love is the strongest emotion so I hope this film has the ending I want it to have.

An overdue update on my ankle: I sprained it pretty badly and it still hurts like anything. Bad injuries on good nights out.


JustPatience said...

I have heard great reviews about this from all over the place. Looking forward to watching it.


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